Anixiety? Maybe Check For Clutter!

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My poor husband Bill. He gets driven up a wall because of all the clutter we have around the house. I think it happens because I'm more of a lazy person rather than a messy person. I do likerooms to be neat but my laziness kicks in more often than not.

I found an article online that says there's scientific evidence that clutter causes anxiety. Interesting! Have you everwent off when maybe you can hardly see the top of the kitchen table because there's so much mail piled on it or you're mad because you  can't even walk by your kid's room and look in there because it's so  darn messy or there's dirty dishes everywhere on the counter in the  kitchen? You know what? It does make you feel out of sorts! 

Well there's actually a reason for it. They've done studies on this toshow that clutter and messes can cause us to feel anxiety.

Here's a few reasons from the online article as to why clutter overwhelms us:

Because it causes excessivestimuli so our senses go into overload.Clutter distracts us from other things that we'drather be focusing on.To our brains, clutter reminds us that there's work to be done – ooh I hate that.Clutter t makes it harder to mentally and physically relax – wow. That one hits home. Don't you feel better when the house is clean and you finally sit downon the couch and breathe. Everything just seems "right."Another reason clutter causes anxiety is because we have to think about what ye have yet to do.Clutter can also impede productivity and creativityAlso, clutter they say makes it harder for us to find out what we need or  what we're looking for and it takes up space for doing the other  necessary things on our to-do list.So, that said, I guess I'm going to try to clean up a little bit more often and get rid of all that clutter!

To read the article I'm referring to,  CLICK ON THIS LINK

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