TMSG - National Guard soldier saves woman from exploding car

 A woman named Brandy Guin was in a head-on collision last Monday, and her car caught fire.  And she was struggling to get out because her ankle was broken. 

But luckily the guy who was driving behind her saw it happen, and immediately jumped in to help. 

Staff Sergeant Cory Hinkle was on his way home from his National Guard base in Charlotte.   

He and another guy pulled Brandy out, and got her to the side of the road.  But then apparently the heat from the fire caused the shocks on her car to basically start EXPLODING.  And pieces of metal started flying everywhere. 

But none of them hit Brandy, because Cory used his own body to shield her from the shrapnel.

One piece of shrapnel got Cory in the ankle, but he's doing just fine. Other than her broken ankle, Brandy was not seriously injured thanks to Cory's bravery!


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