Is your child suddenly SUPER PICKY about their food? Could be anxiety.

My child is very set in her ways, especially when it comes to food. She is starting to try new things... but it has to be on her terms.

So, when I saw an article about picky eaters, I gave it a read. But, what stood out to me was this one section about kids & anxiety.

Listen... we are all dealing with more ANXIETY than ever. I get it. Oh trust me... I get it!

But when it comes to kids, they don't really know how to deal with it. And sometimes it comes out in changes in their behavior.

So, if you child has suddenly picked up some new eating habits, it might be worth having a "check in" conversation with them.

Here's the article from HUFF POST that I was reading. CLICK HERE

To be clear, there are MANY kids that are picky eaters and it is totally normal. I just wanted to share this in case you wanted to read up on it too.

Go hug your babies!


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