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It’s September, the kids are headed back to the classroom, and you… you have been wanting to do something more. You’ve got a business idea, a skill, a talent, a creative itch you’ve been wanting to scratch, but you’re overwhelmed, or apprehensive, or (ugh!) even a bit guilty for wanting to do more than endless loads of laundry and dirty dishes…

My September Book Club pick is for you! Boss Up! by stay-at-home mom turned multimillion-dollar-producing business owner Lindsay Teague Moreno is going to give you all the guidance you need to turn your dreams and passions into a fulfilling, flexible, profitable business!

Lindsay doesn’t just have a passion for entrepreneurship. She has a deep passion for helping women of all walks of life gain the confidence and skills to tap into their ambition and achieve success in their own business endeavors.

I hope one of the things you’ve picked up from listening to me over the years, is that I support you in whatever decisions you make about your life. I’ve know full-time stay-at-home parents that are extremely satisfied with their choices, and very fulfilled in their roles. If this is you, hooray! For those that don’t feel this way, or perhaps not as much so as they’d like, I 100% support your right to change things up a bit.

I have been blessed to have a career that I am so passionate about, it doesn’t really feel like work. I’d love everyone to be able to say that! Lindsay’s message is the same, that’s why she wrote Boss Up! to help you gain the confidence you need to lean into your dreams and desires and create the life you want for yourself.

She shares her tools for change with us, using the lessons she learned on her own path to success; real, solid business principles with ten distinct success philosophies that you will encounter on the journey to entrepreneurship, such as:

Think Long Term

• Be Unapologetically Yourself

• Use the Un-sales Tactic

• Understand Your “Why”

• And many more

Ladies, (and gentlemen) you have the power within yourselves to be whatever it is that you want to be! Think of your children and the kind of life you want them to live, you don’t want them to be limited by someone else’s idea of what they “need” to do. Boss Up! is a fantastic guide to tell you how to get where you want to go, finding fulfillment in your life, being positive role model for your children, and providing your family with financial benefits. THAT’S why I chose it for my book club this month!

Give it a read and tell me what you think!

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You can also listen to the Boss Up! Podcast!