#DearDelilah ... Go in Search of Laughter!

We've all heard the expression, "Laughter is the best medicine." It's supposed to relieve stress, strengthen the immune system, aid depression, and more. I've heard you can even fake laughter and get the same effects. So what are you waiting for? When was the last time you laughed so hard you had to catch your breath?

I'm lucky because I have the unique opportunity to talk to incredible people every day, complete strangers who call into my show and tell me their stories. Some are heart-wrenching, some are sweet, and others are hysterically funny. At times, I laugh until I cry! I share those stories all week long, so I hope you tune in and catch yourself smiling at night.

Of course my kids provide many laughs during the week, and so do my best friends. If you have an inside joke with someone, today is a good day to text that person and get a string of funny conversation going. If you need a really good laugh, walk into a stationery store. I will go in search of the funniest cards to send my friends and I have been known to laugh out loud in the aisles for an hour or more. It's like a challenge for me to find the one card that I know will make my friend bust out laughing. Then I think about that moment and laugh some more...

If you need more ideas to stir up some laughter, here are a few: look thru old family photos and digest those fashion faux pas; search online for "funny babies" and watch a hundred videos of adorable babies doing silly things (doesn't get better than that); follow me on Facebook where I post funny memes; play a zany board game like Balderdash; or do something out of your normal routine like bowling or roller skating - there are bound to be a few laughs in there. Work out that funny bone this week and exercise a healthier outlook on life. Just a thought!

E-mail Producer David tonight as well if you’ve got a request or dedication… or perhaps a story to share about a moment you decided to inject some levity, some laughter and some smiles in to your life and the lives of those around you! Message us here: David@Delilah.com