#DelilahRecipe ... Back to School & Breakfast Cheesecakes (DELICIOUS!)

Back to School | Breakfast Cheesecakes

This protein packed breakfast isn't for every school morning, but just the ticket for that special "first day." Our studio personal baker, Steve (hubby of our very own Dee Dee) tested the recipe in the kitchen, so we could taste-test the product this morning. I'm telling you, they are delicious!!!

We call treats that come from Steve, "Steve Made" because of the hundreds of notes Dee has left us over the years that begin, "Steve made this..." We love any and all things Steve Made!Make ahead the night before and start the school year off on a sweet note!


1 cup softened cream cheese1 cup lemon or vanilla Greek yogurt2 Tablespoons honey4 large eggs2 cups Graham crackers crumbs1/4 cup butter, melted4 T sugarFresh berries or fruit of choiceInstructions:

Preheat oven to 350 degrees FPlace 12 paper liners in a muffin baking tinMix Graham cracker crumbs, butter and sugar together, place in equal portion on bottom of baking cups. Press firmly.Whisk cream cheese, yogurt, honey and eggs together until smoothPour even amounts into each of the 12 prepared baking cupsBake for 20 minutes at 350 degrees.Remove from oven, let cool and top with berries - enjoy!Steve Made hint: Place a bowl of water in the oven during baking to prevent tops from cracking.

Steve Made suggestion: A mixture of lemon zest and white sugar is also delicious on top when serving for a gathering, but perhaps not for breakfast!