Meghan Markle Tried To Sneak Out Of Her Baby Shower For Better Optics

Remember Meghan Markle's lavish New York City baby shower that took place back in February? The one that reportedly cost $200k? Well, The Daily Mail got its hands on U.S. State Department documents detailing Meghan's trip to the states. According to the official documents, the Duchess of Sussex was aware her trip might cause backlash and tried her best to avoid the media frenzy surrounding her glamorous shower.

The documents, which were reportedly obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request, reveal Meghan's attempt to sneak out of The Mark Hotel for better optics. "The VIP [Meghan] explained that her intent was to change the literal optics of the departure, making it appear that she was at least attempting to sneak out of the hotel in photos rather than exiting through the main entrance and giving the potential impression that she was enjoying the media attention," the report reads.

Unfortunately for Meghan, her attempt to look like she was avoiding the fans and paparazzi waiting outside her hotel didn't work out the way she planned. The report details how sneaking out through the service door ultimately created more of a us than her original plan. Her security team and drivers had to move vehicles already waiting out front to the service door, which tipped off everybody waiting outside about what was happening.

Meghan's trip did end up causing some backlash for the Duchess. Despite that, though, Meghan doesn't have any regrets. "She doesn’t regret the baby shower in NYC that got so much backlash. She doesn’t regret celebrating her baby or doing it in NYC,” a source told Us Weekly. The source then added that Meghan didn't get a “a scolding” from the palace, however, baby showers aren't standard for royals. Typically members of the royal family try to avoid any flashy displays of wealth in public.

Photo: Getty