Disney World Superfan Banned For life Following Drunken Brawl

Walt Disney World is supposed to be the "happiest place on Earth." Unfortunately, though, park days can sometimes end in disaster. This was the case for a Disney super fan who was arrested after visiting Hollywood Studios last Thursday (September 5). Following her arrest, Disney released a statement revealing the guest would be banned from Walt Disney World for life.

Local Floridian resident Ellen McMillion, 53, allegedly attacked a taxi driver in the Hollywood Studios parking lot after he told her he did not have a cigarette for her. A sheriff’s deputy posted near the park entrance saw McMillion and the cab driver speaking when “suddenly she raised an arm above her head and attempted to slap the driver,” the arrest affidavit reports.

Disney security staff immediately intervened. One security guard describes McMillion striking the taxi driver multiple times. The Disney security officer also stated for the arrest affidavit that McMillion was “slurring her words and appeared unstable on her feet and smelled a strong odor of alcohol coming from her,” during the incident. The Disney security officer said McMillion “appeared to be a threat to other guests.” The taxi driver declined to make a statement against McMillion because she was "just drunk."

When local law enforcement arrived on the scene, McMillion confessed to being intoxicated, though she did not cooperate with the investigation. McMillion reportedly claimed she couldn't cooperate until she received a cigarette. According to local news outlet KCRG, McMillion was “using profane language and yelling profanities as adults and children walked by.” While under arrest, McMillon allegedly kicked a deputy twice in the leg. As a result, she now faces charges of disorderly intoxication and battery on a law enforcement officer.

A spokesperson for Disney confirmed McMillion will no longer be allowed to visit the Floridian theme parks, saying Walt Disney World has “no tolerance for violence" on their properties. They declined to comment on McMillion’s arrest, however, because it's “a law enforcement matter.” McMillon's social media presence is dominated by photos from her apparent weekly visits to Disney World. She also used her Facebook to share tips on visiting the parks with her friends and followers.

Photo: Ellen McMillion