Girl Posts Texts With Clueless Guy Who Misses Her Hints That She Is DTF

Sometimes you don't just want to come out and directly state something so you try to be a little more subtle. Unfortunately, it doesn't always work. Take what happened to a young woman named Kuda, who shared her experience in a series of texts on Imgur. Kuda was crushing on her neighbor and through a mutual friend, got his number to shoot her shot. She hit him up, explaining who she was and what her name is. Things get off to a rocky start when he calls her name "funny," but she quickly turns it around, getting right to the point, or so she thought. Kuda writes "I need your help" and "My bed..."

She goes on to describe how one side of her bed is soft and the other side is firm. Instead of picking up on the hints, her neighbor recommends that she reach out to their mutual friend's husband. She responds that she'd prefer the help of the neighbor, which he questions.

He explains that he doesn't get home until 11:30 p.m., something she has no problem with, even suggesting they have drinks. He says it might be even later since he'll have to shower before swinging by. She responds, "Just use mine lol. We can conserve water you know?" He didn't know, writing, "I'd use the same amount of water in your shower as I would in mine. I'm confused." All Kuda could do was send the flat smile/neutral face emoji.

At that point, Kuda gives up on being subtle and flat out states, "Ok, I want you to come over because I like you." That works. He responds, "Oh! Ok I'll come lol."

No word on if they hit it off but hopefully she learned the best way to communicate with him is by being direct.

Photo: Getty Images, Imgur