Vikings Fan Donates Super Bowl Tickets To Young Eagles Fan Who Beat Cancer


A 13-year-old Philadelphia Eagles fan who defeated cancer found out he will be heading to Super Bowl LII thanks to the generosity of a Minnesota Vikings fan. According to the Cherry Hill Courier-Post, an anonymous Vikings fan donated the tickets to a charity group who gave them to Cole Fitzgerald along with a note that told him to "embrace this experience and soak up and enjoy every minute of it."

The letter from the anonymous Vikings fan explained he won the tickets at a charity auction held by Spare Key, an organization that assists the families of sick children. After the Minnesota Vikings lost to Eagles in the NFC championship game, he decided to let the organization give the tickets to a fan who would enjoy watching the game.  

The Star Tribune reports that other Minnesota sports teams got involved as well. The Timberwolves and Minnesota Wild gave them tickets to upcoming home games. 

Cole's battle to overcome neuroblastoma was featured in local news reports many of which detailed his resolve to defeat cancer and work toward his dream of working for an NFL team. 

He dreams of being on an NFL team’s staff, and is already a team manager on his junior high school’s football team. He’s an avid sports fan, and also cheers for the Philadelphia Phillies and the Flyers.

Cole thanked the Vikings fan and wished the team better luck next year.

"I want to thank the fan," he said. "Sorry for the season. Good luck next year."


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