Omarosa 'Fired' From White House, Black Twitter Can't Stop Laughing

posted by Isha Thorpe -

On Wednesday (Dec. 13), news broke that Omarosa was resigning from the White House. 

According to TMZ: "Sources close to Omarosa tell TMZ started thinking about resigning back in August after the Charlottesville riots, because she disagreed with Trump's handling of the crisis. TMZ was told she took issue with Trump saying there were good people on both sides ... which, of course, included the neo-Nazis." Omarosa also had issues with the way Trump spoke about Rep. Frederica Wilson. Then, when Trump endorsed Roy Moore, that was apparently the last straw. 

Now, sources are saying that Omarosa was actually fired by Gen. John Kelly. According to Wall Street Journal, she was “physically dragged and escorted off the campus.”

Since this news broke, Omarosa has been a trending topic on social media -- ESPECIALLY BLACK TWITTER who has been delivering the coldest of shade. See the best reactions to the popular mean girl getting the White House boot below. 

Photo: AOL