• The Gloss has addressed : What does your manicure say about you? Here's a breakdown of five different colors (for the full list, check out the link):


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    • Pale pink. You’re better at DIY projects than nearly anybody you know, and you never fail to impress people with your level of discipline at your job, which is probably in PR. You have never enjoyed roller coasters and resent being pressured into them. You own several little black dresses, none of which go above your thighs. Sometimes you wonder if you forgive people too easily. 
    • Bright red. You are always in a hurry everywhere, even if it’s just to the gym which you go to at least three times per week. People underestimate your intelligence on a regular basis, but you are more than capable both socially and career-wise. If you have siblings or cousins, you’re very close with them; if you have pets, you let them sleep in your bed. You firmly believe one can never drink too much champagne. 
    • Dark purple. You are the kind of person who knows what she wants, then doesn’t pursue it until the last minute. You know how to do cat eyeliner better than anybody you know. Halfway through the summer, you completely give up on looking good on weekdays. You have at least one bar you’re a regular at, probably more. Your favorite cocktail is a dark and stormy with extra ginger beer, and you only eat thin-cut fries. 
    • Scarlet. Your eyebrows are always perfectly sculpted -- a skill you take lots of pride in. You know how to wink at attractive strangers without coming off as weird. Though you tried many diets as a teenager, you now prefer the “red wine and bruschetta” one, or possibly an “IPA and burger” regimen. It pains you to admit that you think smoking looks cool in an old Hollywood sort of way, even though you stopped doing it ages ago.
    • Glitter. Nobody has ever accused you of being boring. If you could ride any creature to work, it would be a Pegasus, and you would fly it to Ibiza. You are always entirely too busy on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings, though sometimes you wish you could just curl up in a ball and watch Netflix all night. But there are so many parties to go to -- so go you must.

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