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Twitter just launched a website that lets you look up anyone's first tweet ever.   You can find your first Tweet or anyone else's at Here are the highlights of celebrities first tweets.....


1.  Oprah:  "Hi Twitters.  Thank you for a warm welcome.  Feeling really 21st century."  (Also, that was in ALL CAPS.)


2.  Lindsay Lohan:  "@SamanthaRonson Fly safe . . . love you."  


3.  Katy Perry:  "Just got into Berlin . . . feeling better thank you, have my Vicks inhaler by my bedside . . . and P.S. I Twitter!  Gah.  Such a follower!"


4.  Justin Bieber:  "Check out my single 'One Time' on MySpace and spread the word for me.  Thanks."


5.  Ellen DeGeneres:  "Tis my first twitt-er.  Or Tweet?  Twit?  Or Tweet?  'Twit or Tweet everybody.'  Is this anything?"


6.  Tiger Woods:  "Welcome to my new Twitter page at:"  (Apparently, Tiger didn't really "get" Twitter yet.)


7.  Neil Patrick Harris:  "My first Tweet, peeps.  I apologize in advance for my slow learning curve.  Nice to (sort of) meet you.  It's amazing how quickly 140 charac."


8.  Bill Cosby:  "Have a Tweet time, and I will write Tweet nothings in your ear."


9.  William Shatner:  "Learning about this fascinating site."


10.  Stephen Colbert:  "A well-made suit gives you the illusion of a physique."


11.  Dave Matthews:  "Sitting on my bus at Farm Aid.  Waiting waiting.  Shouldn't have had that whole burrito."


12.  Taylor Swift:  "Apologizing to a very needy cat for being gone so long."  


13.  Kourtney Kardashian:  "OMG, what's going on here??  Trying to get into this."


14.  David Hasselhoff:  "Just met Dwyane Wade at Alonzo Mourning's retirement party just by chance.  Turns out he and his grandmother loved 'Knight Rider' . . . wow!"


15.  Pink:  "I have officially entered the 20th century.  I mean the 21st."  Did Pink somehow not realize you could still backspace on Twitter?  Or is that a joke?


16.  Snooki:  "IDK WTF I'm doing.."


17.  Kirstie Alley:  "Hi everybody!!!  Oh my golly, I'm the worst computer person in the world!  But I just learned to Twitter!!!  I'm sitting in my kitchen an"  (???)


18.  Billy Ray Cyrus:  "Right now I feel like Neil Armstrong.  I'm takin my first step on Twitter."


19.  Hugh Hefner:  "Game night with the Girls.  Dominoes, Uno with my babies - Crystal, Karissa, Kristina and Hope, Jayde and Brittany from Playmate House."


20.  Lorde:  "I think my fingernails are too short to be a member of the Twittersphere."


21.  Ryan Seacrest:  "Sean William Scott was in-studio this morn and killed it on 'Rock Band 2' in our green room!  See the vid on!"  


You can find your first Tweet or anyone else's for that matter at 


(Twitter did this to celebrate their 8th anniversary.  But most of these first Tweets came five or six years ago.)