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1. It becomes increasingly more difficult to not think about your crush than it is to do your actual job responsibilities.

2. You choose your outfit every morning with your crush in mind.

3. You master the art of being subtly alluring whenever your crush is within eyesight.

4. You become instantly jealous whenever you see one of your co-workers talking to them.

5. You “accidentally” bump into you crush every time they head to either the restroom, break room, water cooler, or copier.

6. Your level of happiness at an after-work event or party is based on whether or not your crush will be there.

7. The inevitable dread and disappointment you get whenever your crush is out sick or on vacation.

8. Every time your crush talks, you hinge on their every word -- even if it is just about work stuff.

9. You slowly start planning your coffee breaks, lunches, and other daily work routines around their schedule.

10. You’re constantly having to make sure you are not caught staring at your crush.

Image courtesy of  Stuart Miles, / FreeDigitalPhotos.